IMG_4498The last recording session for the next album was done this week. Øyvind added some organ to one of the more jazzy tracks. Last week I received a trombone solo from my old friend Even Kruse Skatrud. He played his trombone through a fuzzpedal. The solo will be featured on a tune inspired by arabic music. Will be interesting I can assure you!

One chapter in the the making of this album comes to an end and another starts. The next two weeks will be 120% devoted to mixing the album. I am looking forward to shaping the tracks and pumping more life into them.

I set out to record eight tracks and I have fully recorded them, but it became very clear that one track was too far away from the other stylistically. It’s not a weak tune, but it will not be featured on this album. I am sure it will se the light of day at a later point.

In a months time, the live band will be playing two concerts. We will present two tracks from the yet unnamed upcoming album. That will be great fun! We also have an interesting suprise we are super excited about and eager to present to you. More about that later!

That’s it for now. Enjoy the spring!

– Arild