The work on the new album is coming along. We completed the recordings just after easter. This album has probably been the easiest to record so far! The last three weeks have been dedicated to mixing the new album. I have worked in my not yet finished new studio and can now say that the the mixing is done!

The album will be mastered in June, and then we will start presenting some stuff over the summer, before it will be released in September. We will play a release show at a very cool place.

Speaking about concerts; In a couple of weeks we are to share the stage at Buckleys with Ghost Community form the UK. Looking forward to that.

For the tech heads:
The music was mixed in Logic X, mostly with Logic plugins, but also with Lexicon reverb, SoundToys delay and a couple of other plugs. I sent 4 stereo stems of audio out to an analog summing box and then ran the stereo signal from the summing box through a Focusrite Red 3 stereo compressor. The whole thing was mixed on my trusty old KRK V8s.