New website

Welcome to this slightly reworked home page. As the release of the new album “Meeting Point” slowly approaches, it was about time to do some adjustments. The traditional news page has been replaced with a blog where we will present different topics regarding our music. A live news feed from facebook has been added to [...]


The work on the new album is coming along. We completed the recordings just after easter. This album has probably been the easiest to record so far! The last three weeks have been dedicated to mixing the new album. I have worked in my not yet finished new studio and can now say that the the [...]

Concert news!

It seems so far that 2016 will be a great year! We have some exiting news. In May we are to share the stage at our favorite venue «Buckleys» in Oslo with «Ghost Community» from the UK. They are here to play at this year’s «We Låve Rock» and will play a show with us [...]

Album news

These days, I am in «Lydraffineriet» in Asker with my favorite engineer Stian Storejorde, laying down drum tracks for the new Pymlico-album. I am very happy with the drum sound and super exited about the new songs. The coming months are dedicated to finish the recording of the still unnamed fourth album. We are now [...]

Time flies!

It has already been a year since this wonderful group of people spent three days playing, recording and filming what became the «Studio Live»-project. The videos exceeded what I had imagined and hoped for in every way and I am very grateful for the energy and level of professionalism everyone put into this project! - [...]

October news

October has been busier than usual for Pymlico. Two weeks ago we played two concerts with The Windmill and last Friday we shared the stage with Pazerpappa and Gentle Knife at concert called “Progtober” at Gamla in Oslo. All of the concerts were a success as the new lineup of the band is starting to [...]

New material!

Since the release of Guiding Light almost a year ago, I have spent a lot of time working on new material. Taking the advantages of the fact that Pymlico is now a real band, I have started writing with the other musicians. Øyvind and I have worked together every Wednesday night and Stephan and I [...]

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