Monthly Archives: July 2014

Teaser 4 This is me recording keyboards for the track "Sounds Of The City". I have very little formal training on keyboards, and do not concider myself a performer on the instrument, but I love playing and finding the right sounds. I compose on keyboards so it's natural for me recording the parts, but if I [...]

Teaser 3 This clip features Øyvind Brøter recording his grand piano for the track "A Day Out". Øyvind has played on both the previous albums. On the albums, he mainly playes hammond organ, but he has also done some piano- and synth parts. Øyvind is also an important part of the liveband, playing all sorts of [...]

Teaser 2 This is Mattias Krohn Nielsen doing his thing on the opening track "A Day Out". Mattias and I play together in the band "You And Me Alfred". He also played on a couple of tracks on "Inspirations" and did a lot of the rhythm parts on "Directions". A very talented and nice guy indeed. [...]

Teaser 1 This the first video teaser for the new album. Here I am recording an old bass drum for the intro to opening track "A Day Out". This intro concists of something like eight layers of percussion played by Larry Salzman and four layers of drum kit played by me + pluss this old drum. More to [...]

Guiding Light!

I am super excited to say that the third Pymlico-album "Guiding Light" is finished and will be released 15.09.14. After eighteen months of writing, arranging, recording, tweaking, thinking, recording again, transposing, recording again, more tweaking, more thinking, mixing, more mixing, and mastering the album is finally finished. This album features 50 minutes of progressive, melodic music. [...]

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