Monthly Archives: August 2014

Teaser 8 Here is the last teaser for the new album, another one featuring Mads Tvinnereim Horn. This is from the recording of the track "Neptune", a 14 minutte epic that closes the album.

Teaser 7 This clip is from the drum recording almost a year ago. The track is called "Bobcat" and is perhaps the most progressive on the album. It features 14-string guitar virtuoso Felix Martin. Felix has really made a name for himself the last years. Two years a go, the liveband did a splitgig with his [...]

Teaser 6 This clip features Axel Toreg Reite recording the bass for the track "Piz Gloria". Axel is the only bass player on the album. He also played on "Directions" and he is in the live band. We have known eachother in many years and played in many different projects together.

Teaser 5 This is Mads Tvinnereim Horn playing on the outro of track "Piz Gloria". Mads and I have played a lot together the last five years. He played on both the previous Pymlico-albums and he is in the live band. We have found a very creative way of working in the studio. Mads brings so [...]

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