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Some very nice reviews for the new album has started to pop up at the internet. One may need google-translate. I am very grateful for such nice reviews. Thanks a lot. Your Music Blog (English) MLWZ (Polish) (Zwiss German) Baby Blaue (German) (Swedish)

The release show!

The release show last week was a success and a very special concert. We played at place called “Café Teatret” in Oslo. A very nice venue. We did two sets; one with just the live band and the second with guests: Ivan Mazuze on saxophones, Julie Falkevik Tungevåg on piano and Mattias Krohn Nielsen on acoustic [...]

“Guiding Light” is out!

. 358 days after the first record sessions took place, the new album ”Guiding Light” is finally out. The album can bought at CDbaby, Amazon (coming very soon) and several internet stores as a physical copy, at iTunes as digital download and it can be streamed at Spotify and Wimp. The live band and I are [...]

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