Since the release of Guiding Light almost a year ago, I have spent a lot of time working on new material. Taking the advantages of the fact that Pymlico is now a real band, I have started writing with the other musicians. Øyvind and I have worked together every Wednesday night and Stephan and I have worked on several ideas. In addition to this, I have also penned some songs on my own. I have spent way more time on developing the demoes this time, recording real guitars and bass to get a realistic impression of what the songs will end up sounding like. We have not fully decided yet what songs to feature on the next album, but some stand out a little stronger than the rest of the batch of demoes created. One of them is new version of the song Broken Glass from the Studio Live EP. Yesterday Øyvind and I started to record piano and organ for that track.

It is too early to say when this project will see the light of day, but we are aiming for a release sometimes next fall. This time we are also hoping to release the album on vinyl. This means we only have a little over 40 minutes to work with. That is tough and liberating at the same time.

I am looking forward to continue working on this album. Exiting times ahead!

– Arild