Two days ago, we had our first concert of the year. With Norwegian band Panzerpappa, we played at Buckleys in Oslo. A lot of people found their way to the concert and it was a great success. Thanks to all the people making this a special evening for us and also to Panzerpappa for inviting us and to Terje Embla for arranging the whole thing. This was the first concert with new guest on stage, Marie Færevaag. Marie will be playing saxophone with us live.

We played the following tracks:
– Piz Gloria
– Sounds Of The City
– Compliments Of Sharkey
– New-song-soon-to-get-a-name
– P.I.G
– The East Side
– Neptune
– Genesis-medley

The coming week is dedicated to mixing the material we recorded in December for the “Live in the studio”-project. Stay tuned for updates!

Take care, Arild