Gamla kollage

October has been busier than usual for Pymlico. Two weeks ago we played two concerts with The Windmill and last Friday we shared the stage with Pazerpappa and Gentle Knife at concert called “Progtober” at Gamla in Oslo. All of the concerts were a success as the new lineup of the band is starting to find its feet.

At the concerts, we played the following songs:

–          Piz Gloria
–          Sounds Of the City
–          Broken Glass (Played after New Song 1 at Gamla)
–          Compliments Of Sharkey
–          The East Side
–          New Song 1
–          New Song 2 (not played at Gamla)
–          Neptune
–          Pig

The coming months will be spent working on and recording the new album. We have all the new songs figured out and have done some recording already. The plan is to have everything recorded before Easter 2016. In between the recording, we are hoping to play a show or two and are looking at ways of doing this.

Exiting times ahead!