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It has already been a year since this wonderful group of people spent three days playing, recording and filming what became the «Studio Live»-project. The videos exceeded what I had imagined and hoped for in every way and I am very grateful for the energy and level of professionalism everyone put into this project! – Arild

From left to right: Stian Storejorde (recording engineer), Fredrik Reed (camera op.), Jon-André Håkvik (camera op.), Mads Tvinnereim Horn (guitars / keyboards), Axel Toreg Reite (bass guitar / synth bass), Arild Brøter (drums), Stephan Hvinden (guitars), Øyvind Brøter (keyboards), Vilde Badendyck Katralen (food / assistance), Henrik Zwart (director / editor / camera op.), Tarjei Tandstad (camera op.)